The Benefits

Detox benefits


Most diets leave acidic waste in your body that causes harm if it accumulates. Acidic gunk makes you to feel sluggish, tired and overtime, debilitating illness.

When you drink Curo every day you are doing far more than hydrating your body you are neutralising acidic toxins and flushing them out of your system.

bottled water with high ph

Revitalise Your Mind

Are you constantly stressed out or have trouble concentrating? Revitalise your mind when you nourish your body with alkaline water. Curo is naturally infused with vital nutrients to help you stay focused and emotionally ready to take on the world.

Curo benefits skin

Feel Silky Smooth

Are dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails something you can’t seem to get rid of? Curo is rich in silica that will keep your skin glowing, hair smooth and strengthen nails.

recover faster with Curo

Recover Faster

For those that like to keep active, Curo naturally contains electrolytes that help you recover faster without the sugar high.

Curo benefits your immune system

Strengthen Your Immune System

When your immune system is weak you’re more likely to get sick. A daily diet consisting of alkaline food and water keeps your immune system strong. Drinking Curo as a part of your everyday routine helps keep you healthy by boosting your immune system and overall health.

radicals with Curo Alkaline Water

Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals can hurt your body by causing damage and ultimately disease which is why it is essential that you constantly neutralise their effect and flush them from your system on a regular basis.According to Ray Kurzweil, inventor and author of ‘Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough To Live Forever’:

“The negative ions in alkaline water are a rich source of electrons that can be donated to free radicals in the body, neutralizing them and stopping them from damaging healthy tissues”.

Curo is naturally alkaline therefore rich in negative ions and is your ideal weapon to fight free radicals and enable a healthy life