Wayne McDaniel

Originally from SanFrancisco Wayne McDaniel is a multiple Australian National Basketball League All Star Player. Mac, is The 3rd Highest Points Scorer in League History and was voted One Of The 25 Greatest Players ever to play in Australia. Retiring in 1996 Mac is now an Actor/VoiceArtist and Inspirational Speaker who also has his own basketball coaching business based in Sydney. He has appeared in movies such as SuperMan Returns, Terra Nova, Son of Mask,Terminus and The Sapphires. He has also voiced for major T.V. Commercials such as SteinLarger, Glaseau Vitamin Water and The 2015 Rugby World Cup Campaign. Currently, Wayne has two featured T.V. Commercials in America. Passionate about mind/body health, he's been an avid meditator since 1986. His meditation practice has grown into a keen interest for breathing and visualisation techniques and the power of directing thoughts and feelings for lasting change and personal growth.

How To Stay Calm in Times of Stress

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Learning how to stay calm is a skill like any other skill. Learning how to respond and not react in situations can be improved and even mastered over time and here’s the even better news, you don’t have to go on a retreat or denounce society to grow this skill. In fact, the more you…

5 Steps to Effortless Co-creating

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Step 1 Declaring what you don’t want. This is a necessary and quick focused beginning. Writing, speaking and stating what you don’t want will lay the foundation for  manifesting what you do want because it will clear the canvas of creation in your mind so that you can begin creating what you do want. In…


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I’m walking down Marrickville Road in Sydney’s inner west and as I walked into the Salvation Army to drop off some old clothes a lady shows me a policemen’s hat that she was going to donate to the Salvo, but she asked me if I wanted it. I said to the lady jokingly; “Do I…

The Power of Doubt

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At first glance the term, ‘The Power of Doubt’ seems like a oxymoron. Power would seem to be the complete absence of any doubt. A clear, piercing projection of absolute intention and action. But as we look deeper into doubt we can unearth gems of purpose that were heretofore unseen. “Doubt everything. Find your own…