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Holiday Health Tips to Stay in Shape

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Holiday season is so exciting. Catching up with close friends, family you haven’t seen in a while and of course all the delicious food you’ll eat. With so many temptations it’s definitely tricky to stay healthy. Here are a few of Curo’s best holiday health tips to make it through the season in good shape. 1. Drink…

5 Natural Remedies for Reflux to Soothe Your Chest

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If you suffer from acid reflux, you’re not alone. Acid reflux and its most common symptom heartburn affects thousands each year. It’s caused by acid in the stomach moving up the oesophagus and those who’ve experienced it know it’s unpleasant and frustrating. Use these five natural remedies for reflux to keep it under control before you reach for the Gaviscon. Baking soda On the…