FAQ For Resellers

We understand that there are many considerations that go into stocking a new product.
This FAQ is designed to answer them.

Will consumers understand the concept of alkaline water and result in a purchase?

The fact is, the vast majority of your customers DON’T understand the concept of alkaline water BUT they do understand health. We have invested heavily in a branding company called The Creative Method who understand FMCG. Their work includes Guzman Y Gomez, Smirnoff Ice, The Dough Collective and more. They have helped create Curo to specifically communicate a “healthy water” not “alkaline water”. Consumers don’t yet understand “alkaline water” so Curo overcomes this by creating packaging that looks and feels healthy without having to understand the concept.
Do you notice how some brands look healthier than others purely through it’s packaging?
That’s what we have achieved with Curo.
The benefits must be communicated emotionally in a split second – most of your customers aren’t going to stand around reading labels.

Will it sell enough volume?


The short answer is, you can only test and see!

But here’s why Curo is geared to sell better than any other brand.

1. It appeals to your average shopper.

Curo’s biggest advantage is that half the selling is done off the shelf. Our packaging communicates “health” in a split second through its simple, clean design. Getting your customer to pick up a bottle is the biggest challenge and we overcome this challenge for you.

2. The quality and taste is world class.

Products with flashy marketing but no substance go only so far. The quality and taste of a product plays a critical role in its success.

The most common feedback we receive about our water is that it tastes “soft and smooth”. I have seen time and time again over the last 15 years that once consumers try our water, they can’t go back!
This is due to the subtle taste difference – but it’s the difference between a one off sale and a long term user.

Are retailers/customers asking for alkaline water?

I can assure you, you will never have a retailer request alkaline water.
The concept of alkaline water is not yet mainstream and will take at least another few years for the average shopper to become aware. It will not happen so it is not an accurate way to determine fit to market.
However, what consumers DO want are healthier products, whether cold-press juice or bottled water.

If alkaline water is worthy of trialling, which brand should we try?

Here’s why Curo trumps the rest.

  • Curo overcomes the obstacle of trying alkaline water – by appealing to customers through emotional packaging, not logic.
  • No other bottled waters in the market communicate “health” better than Curo – perception is everything.
  • The quality of Curo has been tested by your customers already – less risk for you.
  • We work with you to ensure Curo is a success by running in-store promos, Facebook advertising, promote stores through social media and more.


Further questions?

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