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Holiday season is so exciting. Catching up with close friends, family you haven’t seen in a while and of course all the delicious food you’ll eat. With so many temptations it’s definitely tricky to stay healthy.

Here are a few of Curo’s best holiday health tips to make it through the season in good shape.

1. Drink Lots of Water

You didn’t think we’ll miss an opportunity for a little shameless self promotion did you? 🙂 Curo of course is your best option! But regardless of the type of water, drink plenty of it. I know it’s obvious but I can’t stress it enough. Staying hydrated with alkaline water not only cleanses your body of toxins but keeps you fuller longer so you don’t reach for those sugary goodies.

If you’re having alcohol, remember to drink a glass of water in between. Your head will thank you the next day!

2. Balance Acid with Alkaline

This great advice comes from Ashley Koff R.D who really understands her food. Holiday foods such as meat, processed foods, alcohol, sweets are usually acid forming. Too much acidic foods will leave you heavy and sluggish. If you’d like to walk away lighter and more energetic, include more fresh greens and fruit. These are alkaline forming and rich in nutrients your body needs.


3. Watch Out For Sugary Beverages

It’ll astound you how much beverages will add to your daily sugar count. A 600ml bottle of Coke contains a whopping 16 tablespoons of sugar! If you include the beverages you drink with meals along with any alcohol mixers, they really add up. Another great reason to switch to water instead.

If you love your carbonated beverages, sparkling water or kombucha are great choices.

4. Eat Before You Go

This is so simple but easy to forget. If you know there’s going to be a lot of poor quality choices at a party of get together, eat a little beforehand. You’re more likely to make poor choices when you go grocery shopping hungry. The same applies here. I need to give credit to Dr Eric and Kristina Lewis N.D for this advice.

5. Freeze Healthy Meals

For some, the holidays are an opportunity to make some tasty home-cooked meals. For others, it’s the last thing on their mind. If you’d rather spend time shopping, decorating or spend time with loved ones, cook your meals in advance and freeze them. You’ll thank yourself when you’re exhausted and you’ve got a healthy meal in a flash.

6. Say No to Food Pushers

You know who they are. It’s your mum. Your grandma. Whoever it is who keeps offering food even after you can’t take another bite, just politely say no then offer a compliment. “Oh, mum, these truffles look amazing, and you’re so thoughtful to make them for me! I’m too full to enjoy them right now, but could I take a couple home?” They’ll feel loved and you won’t feel pressured to show your affection through busting a gut. Thanks Alissa Rumsey R.D. for the great advice.


7. Eat Mindfully

Anne Ricci R.D. founder of Anne’s Healthy Kitchen shares this gem. Often when you’re at parties, the main focus is the people not the food. Taking the time to choose food you really want to eat and then actively focusing on enjoying the smell, taste, and texture of each bite will naturally help you slow down and stop when you’re full.

8. Get Plenty of Rest

I couldn’t agree more with Katherine from Lily The Wandering Gypsy on this one. Rest is Pillar 2 of Curo’s 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health and it’s crucial. All those parties, drinks and family events are draining on your body. Enjoy yourself over the holidays but be sure to give your body ample time to recharge so you can do it again! How much sleep you need will of course vary again as every individual is different. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get 7-9 hours per day.

9. Keep it Clean When You Don’t Have an Event

I need to credit to Ali from Inspiralized for this one. This is a great idea and something I already do unconsciously. You know there are days when you need to eat unhealthy so balance it out by eating clean when you can. Yes it’ll require more effort but you’ll feel better about indulging yourself at the party.

Do you have a holiday health tip you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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