What are the different types of alkaline water out there?

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Hi guys, it’s Tom from Curo Lifestyle, creators of Curo Alkaline Water.

Now with more and more brands coming into the market, it’s easy to assume that all alkaline waters are the same. But how does water become alkaline? There are three main types you see in the market: there are natural versions, there are ionised and there are also filtered as well. With natural versions as you may have guessed, come from a natural source. With Curo, we source our water from deep below the Earth’s surface near the Jenolan Caves. The water is pumped up from underground and bottled at the source. These types of waters tend to be mineral rich so they’re high in alkaline minerals like calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium and this is what makes the water alkaline naturally. So we don’t need to add any minerals, process it in any way to make it alkaline. It’s really as untouched and natural as it gets.

This type of water is actually quite rare, which is why many companies have resorted to creating alkaline water through ionising machines. So these ionised waters typically go through a process where they split the positive and negative ions in the water, these are minerals in the water that are split to create alkaline water. Usually the source of water for these ionised brands are from the tap. So it’s important to have a look at the label and check whether it says it’s a natural source, whether it states it or not.

Thirdly, you can also get filtered versions. So this is where you may get a tap water or spring water and put it through a process where they’ve got alkaline rocks that the water passes through. And this is trying to emulate the natural process of how water naturally picks up minerals and become alkaline.

So here are the three versions. Check to see what you’re actually drinking because it could be ionised, it could be filtered or it could be natural. But it’s good to know what you’re actually drinking and paying for.

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