Shocking Truth About Your Bottled Water and How It’s Affecting Your Health

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Hi guys, it’s Tom from Curo Lifestyle, creators of Curo Alkaline Water and the 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health Program.

I’m about to reveal a disturbing fact that hardly anyone knows and it’s to do with the bottled water that you’re probably drinking right now. But rather than tell you, I thought I’ll show you.

Some people think bottled water is healthy. Some think that they’re pretty much all the same. I’m about to tell you you’re actually right. There’s hardly any difference between all these brands that you see here and many more.


You see they have three things in common.

Firstly, they’re low in mineral content. Two, they’re low in alkaline minerals and three, they’re all acidic.

So what does this mean to you though?


Firstly, minerals are like the spark plugs of life. They’re what keep your battery going and hold it’s charge. They’re used in all sorts of bodily functions and your body produce minerals so you need to get them from food sources. So it’s important that you drink water with high mineral content to keep that battery recharged and provide fuel for your body to stay healthy.


Secondly, all these waters are also low in alkaline minerals. This is important because alkaline minerals are what help neutralise toxins then flush them out of your system. If you lack alkaline minerals like calcium, they’re going to be stolen from other cells in your body. And guess where most of your calcium is stored? In your bones right? This contributes to osteoarthritis and more.


And lastly, all these waters are acidic. Now this doesn’t have anything to do with how pure they are, but rather the acid/alkaline mineral balance in them. There’s research found by Dr Otto Warburg who actually won a Nobel Prize for this. He found that cancers, disease and viruses they can’t form when your body is in an alkaline environment, but thrive when it’s in an acidic one. So it’s super important that you help boost your body with alkaline minerals to regain that balance to ward off disease and illness.


You can test the acid/alkaline balance of these waters with a pH indicator solution like this. You can pick these up from Bunnings so you can test it out yourself. If you add a few drops here, you can test how acidic or alkaline they are. And you’ll notice that hen the water turns a yellowey colour, it indicates that it’s acidic. So all these here, you’ll see that some of the shades of yellow will be different. Some of them are turning slightly green so those are slightly less acidic but acid nonetheless.


Although all these waters here are acidic, not all waters are.


I’ll show you here. Curo Alkaline Water, as the name suggests is alkaline. You’ll notice when you test our water, the water turns blue. That’s the complete opposite to all these brands here. Curo Alkaline Water is high in mineral content, it’s high in alkaline minerals and it’s alkaline.

Now you see, when you’re drinking alkaline water, they help create that alkaline environment in your body that wards off disease. Imagine your body is acidic, due to eating processed foods, coffee, stress, alcohol, and you drink alkaline water, you see what happens here. It brings your body back into an alkaline state. This is where you recover faster and unlocks more energy and you feel lighter.


If you’d like to experience the benefits of Curo Alkaline Water yourself, visit the link below for a special offer I’ve got here. Use the code “alkalinevideo” for 20% off your first order and free shipping. Now if you have friends/family that can do with a boost of energy and feel a little bit healthier, please share this with them. Our mission is to empower you to take control of your health naturally. And there’s no better place than to start with water. So cheers!

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Tom has been involved in the health and bottled water industry for 14 years. He is passionate about all things natural health and an avid self learner. His mission is to empower others to take control of their health naturally and have a positive impact on others.

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