Expert Interview: Personal Trainer & PE Dept Owner Veronika Wallington

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Fitness is an essential part of wellbeing, so much so that we’ve included it in our 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health. Today, we interview Veronika, co-owner of P.E. Dept., Yoga Dept, Wholefoods Dept, a PT and group trainer…. and of course, Curo lover.

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Veronica, you’re one of the co-owners of the PE Dept, Yoga Dept and Wholefoods Dept. Tell us a little about them! We started with PE Dept Gym, a boutique gym in potts point my partner and I took over 2 years ago. We saw the growing need for more health facilities including the rise of yoga and wholefoods café in the area so decided to take the plunge of leading the way by building our own boutique yoga studio and now wholefoods café. Really we are just creating a little health hub – a place to train, to distress, to stretch, to meditate, to eat, to nourish 🙂

We love sponsoring your events with our water – as a health expert, can you highlight what happens when you hydrate with alkaline water? It’s like putting your body back onto an even plane. Your digestion is better, your body is better hydrated and able to function, your body is less toxic and able to excrete other toxins more efficiently, your skin is better – really just everything about you functions better.

Have you ever seen the impact of your clients in an acidic / dehydrated state? Yes, a number of times clients will complain about feeling lethargic, tired, sore etc. Often they are just dehydrated or in a highly toxic (acidic) state because of what they have been putting into their bodies (ie bad food, artificial drinks, non alkalized water etc). If you want to run and keep your body in premium condition you need to give it premium (clean) fuel. This will help you recover quicker from sessions and utilize the good energy you are putting in your body more efficiently.

And finally… whats something our readers just have to try between your businesses! The ricotta pancakes at the café hehe! Kidding, but seriously they are amazing. The Functional Dept classes are my speciality. They are high energy group training classes that include cardio circuits, high intensity interval training, strength intervals and more! They’re great for motivation as everyone is super fun and friendly in there, and you’ll always have a personal trainer leading the class and watching over you, so you know you’re in good hands.

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