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One of the 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health is Mind – and Tom Cronin can testify: after going from a wolf-of-wall-street lifestyle, riddled with stress and crippling anxiety; he has found peace within – and is now using this knowledge to help others in a similar situation. Here’s our little chat with the guru himself.
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How does meditation impact on our general wellbeing?

This is a great question and yet can invoke a very braid response as the benefits are so vast. So I will distill it into 4 areas..


  • you sleep better
  • have more energy in your body
  • breath more regularly
  • decrease cholesterol
  • improves immune system
  • helps with weight loss
  • slows down ageing


  • increased creativity
  • increased adaptability
  • proven to increase dense matter of the brain
  • improved brain coherence
  • increased memory
  • increased self confidence
  • decrease in anxiety


  • increased feelings of love
  • increase happiness
  • less fear
  • less anger
  • less sadness
  • more optimistic


  • deeper connection to a higher self
  • experiences of interconnectivity with life around you
  • more wisdom

What changes do you see most prominent?

For me it was the removal of insomnia, depression and anxiety in my life

Who would you recommend it for the most?

Everyone ūüôā

How does having toxin free, alkaline water benefit the practice of meditation?

Stress creates acidic environments in the body. Its been suggested in studies that a lot of our sickness is a result of too much acidity in our bodies. Meditation will generate a more alkaline environment within the body and the alkaline water such as Curo will enhance this process.

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We love supporting Tom and hugely appreciate his support too – we are on the same journey to help improve the complete wellbeing of the community. For more info about his upcoming seminars, online meditation program or retreats (we hear they are amazing), head to Tom‘s website or The Stillness Project¬†– his movement to inspire and create stillness across the globe.

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