Our Interview with Model / Presenter Laura Csortan

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Want that everlasting glow like newly pregnant former Miss Australia Laura Csortan? Here’s how…..

Laura, you’re always radiant. What’s your secret! Oh, thank you so much. Well, I guess I’ve always lead a healthy lifestyle. I believe in moderation and a balanced diet, so long as I’m getting plenty of fresh food and water into my diet. With all the travel I do it can be tough to eat well and exercise so I do what I can when I can, often it means yoga in my hotel room before we start filming. Exercise is so important, keeping the body moving helps with so many ailments and good mental health also. One of my favourite forms of exercise is long walks with my dog in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean.

We believe attitude is huge when it comes to health – what are your fundamental beliefs when it comes to your body and diet? Moderation and balance. It’s not always easy to stay on track completely so if you have a blow out with food and don’t exercise one day, move a little more the next day and eat really well or less, the body has an amazing way of naturally balancing itself also. I am a huge water drinker too…I drink at least 2 litres a day to keep well hydrated. I love fresh food and after being on the road filming look forward to nothing more than steamed veggies and brown rice with tamari. Rest is also very important, after travelling or even a big week make sure you get enough sleep and relaxation time for the body to recuperate.

Laura-CsortanHow does hydrating with Curo come into all of this? As I mentioned I am a huge fan of drinking water. Alkaline water keeps my hydration levels in check and my reduces the acidity in my body – this means my cells are cleansed, which then generates natural energy and clear skin.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy your water – a lot of people love strawberry, mint or orange! We’d love to know yours! I’m happy drinking just plain water, especially when it tastes as good as Curo, pure is best. A few sprigs of mint is delicious too.

Your journey we know inspires so many, us included. Whats the biggest tip you could give to someone who aspires to have a career similar to yours? Entertainment is a tough industry, I was blessed to be fortunate enough to be a travel reporter and travel the world on The Great Outdoors for almost 8 years. You may come across many knock backs in this industry but keep your head up high and know your worth. If you want it bad enough keep knocking on doors. Have a back up, jobs in TV are few and far between these days so to keep yourself busy with something that will pay the bills in the meantime.


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