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Models often have old, tainted reputation for being chain smoking, coffee drinking and meal skipping. Of course, we cringe at how damaging this is for the body – and when we find a model who embraces all things health and wellness, plus looks absolutely incredible, we want to find out more! Introducing Sarah Halloran, a model, actress, ambassador for The Butterfly Foundation and a Curo lover! Here’s our chat with the beauty….

Sarah, you have such a healthy glow! What keeps you at your best? Aw thank you! I would have to say the number one thing is water! Whatever you put in your body comes out and staying hydrated is so important. I drink coconut water (low sugar) and have Aloe Vera juice of a morning. I keep a healthy diet of fresh vegies, small servings of meat or fish and healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, dried fruits etc. Beauty wise I use an amazing cleanser by Laser Clinics Australia, A vitamin enriched Lanolin day dream and I don’t leave the house with out my Mac Mineral spray and SPF 50!  

We understand you are an ambassador for the butterfly foundation – tell us more about why you support them? Yes I am. I got involved with the Butterfly Foundation because its an organisation that hits home for me. I can relate to the girls suffering with eating disorders and other self esteem/body issues.I battled with a lot of these issues during my teenage years and now that I am recovered and in control of my life I want to help others in any way I can. I really want to help girls learn to treasure their bodies and love who they are!

What do you think is the most important thing you can do for your body to keep your skin in such pristine, clear condition? Drink plenty of water, have a good diet and stay out of the sun!

We love seeing you enjoy Curo! Do you notice a difference in your skin when you are hydrated properly? Yes totally! I find I don’t get tired eyes when I’m hydrated and I have so much more energy!

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We were so happy to support Sarah in her fundraising for the Butterfly foundation at the Bondi markets recently. Go girl!

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