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Imagine if your healthy, non smoking and non drug taking brother, an athlete in the Rugby League, died at the age of 28 from liver cancer completely out of the blue? We can’t begin to imagine how painful, confusing or upsetting this would would be, but unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Sharlz Taki Foundation founder Jaya. Passionate to prevent others suffering the same, she began researching into how this possibly could have happened.


Jaya, what do you believe caused your brother to pass away, despite having a healthy, active and wholesome life? First and foremost, he was malnourished. Most people will hear that word and think of someone dying of starvation in a third world country but the truth is, many of us are so devoid of even basic nutrients due to so many of the processed foods we consume. My brothers diet consisted mainly of fast food, soft drinks, sugary treats and processed foods – all day, everyday. He absolutely gagged at the thought of eating anything healthy which meant he never received the necessary vitamins and minerals his body desperately needed, especially whilst constantly operating at such a high rate due to his physical activity which included daily gym sessions. He was also stressed about some personal things and as i know, stress is related to 99% of illness. Stress kills. I also believe the Cancer treatment he received contributed significantly to fast tracking his death, controversial and obviously unintentionally, but sadly true.

Many people reading this may think that it couldn’t happen to them, or their families – if this is the case, what would you like to say to them? Well we never thought it would either. What i would like to say is that Cancer is avoidable and preventable. You can never understand what it’s like to lose someone to Cancer until you go through the experience yourselves, but why risk it?

What are three simple actions we can take to reduce the acidity in our diets? For those wanting to learn more, is there a book or website you could recommend? Go for a big walk daily, drink Curo water (and plenty of it) and eat a balanced diet that works for you. Check out “Tays Way” – my friend runs this page shares so much of her knowledge and she’s also realistic. I also love the Psychology of Eating and Precision Nutrition and my favourite book is The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.

Whats coming up next for the foundation and how can we support you? I’m currently working on a health seminar discussing all things KIDS! This one’s for the parents. As a mum I am often asked about how i manage a healthy lifestyle whilst being so busy, or how do i encourage healthy eating at home, and especially how I’ve been able to get my girl drinking green juice without a fuss!? I’m looking forward to having that seminar within the next few months!

For enquiries, information or to simply touch base with Jaya directly, head to her Facebook.

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