5 Steps to Effortless Co-creating

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5-steps-to-effortless-co-creatingStep 1

Declaring what you don’t want. This is a necessary and quick focused beginning. Writing, speaking and stating what you don’t want will lay the foundation for  manifesting what you do want because it will clear the canvas of creation in your mind so that you can begin creating what you do want. In fact energetically by declaring what you don’t want you automatically are then dwelling in the question of what you do want. So the key is to state it, but don’t stay there, don’t keep affirming what you don’t want because law of vibration will keep giving you exactly that. Declare it, then move on to step two.

Step 2 

Declare what you do want. Cover as many key ares of your life as possible. For example, if it’s a new job you want, balance that desire by declaring what you want in other areas that will complement the new job. The quality of relationships old and new. The higher levels of health/fitness etc. A goal in one area of life will and should affect other areas of your life. Be as detailed and specific with each goal and intention as possible. 

Step 3

Identify the ideas, beliefs and habits that hold you back. Use a notepad so that you can capture your negative, limiting and fearful self talk. Capture the times, places and situations where you constantly come away feeling depleted and less than you know you’re capable of being. At night before going to sleep just allow your mind to run through the situations of the day and how you responded or reacted and how you felt afterward. Pay particular attention to the patterns you see over time. Once patterns are noted over time you can use visualisation, guided meditations and other techniques to begin reprogramming your thinking and actions.

Step 4

Visualise your goal. Firstly, write it out in one sentence a personal positive and present moment reality.  For example, I enjoy my new position at the firm. In a calm position first thing in the morning and before going to bed, state it, see it and feel it. The feeling aspect of visualising is absolutely vital. This is where many get stuck because they may see themselves as more visual and generating the feeling component may be difficult. But its essential you can feel the joy, the love from workmates from family and friends. From this feeling point of realising you’re well on your way, in fact it’s only a matter of time.

Step 5

So we’ve declared what we don’t want. Stated exactly what we do want. Identified ideas, beliefs holding us back and taken steps to re-program our thinking. Visualised in clear personal present tense our intentions goals and desires with feeling imagery. Now what? A big long exhaling breath of surrender, letting go and acceptance is absolutely vital. We must suspend our conscious need to know when where and how things will unfold. Oprah Winfrey was obsessed with the role of Sofia in the movie The Colour Purple. However, it wasn’t until she had completely given up the idea of being cast that on an exercise bike at a gym in Chicago she received the call from director Steven Spielberg that the role was hers. God, divine plan, source energy, knows what we truly want and how to orchestrate events in our favour as long as we are clear in intention, sharp and consistent with the feeling of our new vision and willing to totally allow the power of unseen hands to co-create on our behalf, the deal is done. Finally, what it will look like will most likely be a better more purposeful version of what you had in mind. 

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