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Goals goals and more goals. We kick goals, we score goals we set goals we achieve goals we forget goals. Goals have been at the core of human endeavour since human existence and the cornerstone of the so called personal development movement. We are goal setting and desire driven beings. Furthermore, knowing how to set goals and striving to achieve them has put humanity on notice that if you’re not setting goals you essentially are living a life not worth living.
But what if there was a powerful platform, a base quality where we can nurture and spring off of to pursuit of our goals more effortlessly and ultimately more purposefully?
I purpose that standards is this broad based view which allows us to see where we can effectively set meaningful goals and more align us with the mindset and heart space to arrive at our goals.
When I came to Sydney back in 1997, I had a very clear goal that I wanted to get work as an actor and after a year of doing retail sales work and hosting my own dance radio Top 20 Countdown Show I got an agent. After getting small amounts of work in commercials and stage plays I began to broaden my perception. I started to see acting as a true expression of my creative personality. So that over time the goal to get acting work evolved into the standard of inspiring via my creative personally. Voicework began to come my way whereby I could use my love of voice/character and humour in a creative way and get paid good money for it, whilst building a solid client base both here and overseas. More creative theatre roles where offered to me. And I started to rekindle my affair with singing. I widened my goal into a broader view of personal creative expression.
Many of our goals are so narrow, so well defined and specific that it leaves us little space for that magical quality of surrender, which is a necessary organic flow on from powerful and vivid intentions.  For example, if your goal is to double your income in an amount of time that from where you are now seems manageable and doable. Rather than focus and visualise the doubled income number, imagine and feel what the standard of your life would be like. Surrender to the image and feel of the types of people you now associate with? How would the quality of your surrounds change? Would you give more time and money to concerns that matter to you? In other words how would the standard of your life be enhanced?
Standards allow us to link our most important goals, intentions and desires into a wider tapestry of purpose, inspiration service and abundance.

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Tom has been involved in the health and bottled water industry for 14 years. He is passionate about all things natural health and an avid self learner. His mission is to empower others to take control of their health naturally and have a positive impact on others.

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