The Power of Doubt

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the power of doubt
At first glance the term, ‘The Power of Doubt’ seems like a oxymoron. Power would seem to be the complete absence of any doubt. A clear, piercing projection of absolute intention and action. But as we look deeper into doubt we can unearth gems of purpose that were heretofore unseen.
“Doubt everything. Find your own light.”
Gautama Buddha
It’s as if doubt is somehow intricate to true self discovery and mastery. That if we are stuck in a groove of absolute acceptance of our external reality, then we can never come to rely on our own inner devices of insight and intuition.
So how does doubt facilitate a greater insight of self? By its very nature doubt is a point between two possibilities. A middle way that invites further attention on an opposite view or perspective. Doubt invites us into greater lessons in life.
I remember getting a call from Adrian Hurley who was the Australian Men’s Basketball Coach offering me a chance to train and try out with the Olympic team. But at that time I had doubts as to whether I, this ‘naturalised Australian’ would be accepted on the team. So rather than accept his offer, which deep inside I knew was special and that I was proud to receive, I let self doubt hijack my chance for greater purpose of Representing my adopted Country in the Olympics. A decision I use to regret but not any more because the lesson of not intuiting thru the necessary doubt has been priceless.
” The Man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all”.
Erykah Badu
My experience has taught me that doubt holds within itself a promise of higher purpose. A higher purpose available only if we can move from our primitive survival brain, which is self centred & self protecting into our pre frontal cortex which is relational and creative and insightful and big picture focused. The very fact that we doubt something means it holds a degree of personal significance for us and the challenge, should we accept it, is to reflect on whether we are being guided into a larger vision of what’s possible, it just a short term gain to maintain external conformity acceptance & safety.
Doubt arises as a possibility to take action from a deeper place of power. This place of internal power is presence. Presence allows us to instantly move into right action or non action. This skill of presence can be increased with practices like meditation, spending regular quality time in nature, and moving about our days in states of declaring gratitude.
Finally, these practices all allow us to operate from our pre frontal, higher self, divine nature call it what you will, the best version of who we can be. So that when the necessary testing waters of doubt rise we can navigate them from our compass of higher consciousness to new shores of undiscovered strengths and possibilities.
“Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one”.¬†

About Wayne McDaniel

Originally from SanFrancisco Wayne McDaniel is a multiple Australian National Basketball League All Star Player. Mac, is The 3rd Highest Points Scorer in League History and was voted One Of The 25 Greatest Players ever to play in Australia. Retiring in 1996 Mac is now an Actor/VoiceArtist and Inspirational Speaker who also has his own basketball coaching business based in Sydney. He has appeared in movies such as SuperMan Returns, Terra Nova, Son of Mask,Terminus and The Sapphires. He has also voiced for major T.V. Commercials such as SteinLarger, Glaseau Vitamin Water and The 2015 Rugby World Cup Campaign. Currently, Wayne has two featured T.V. Commercials in America. Passionate about mind/body health, he's been an avid meditator since 1986. His meditation practice has grown into a keen interest for breathing and visualisation techniques and the power of directing thoughts and feelings for lasting change and personal growth.

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