Avoiding that pesky cold this winter

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Common cold come at us.. not. Winter is here and avoiding the flu can be as challenging as finding a spare spot in the mirror in a room of oversized gym junkies. An illness, aka an overload of toxicity in the body, can be prevented….. But you need to take action. Here’s our easy-to-follow guide to keep you on track for the fun parts of winter – GoT nights, the snow, and feasting on grandmas freshly baked apple pie.

First step is to keep your body working properly, especially the kidneys – the key organ in waste removal. Adequate hydration allows them to filter the blood, get rid of any harmful material and convert it to urine to be passed. When our blood is free of pathogens, we feel vibrant, full of life – aka, not sluggish, fatigued or lacklustre. Think hydration doesn’t impact kidney health? Think again. The leading cause of kidney stones is dehydration, which is a telltale sign that the kidneys are definitely not at their best. Keep up kidney health by keeping up hydration, simple as that.

Once you are hydrated properly, the next step is to boost your natural immunity: through ensuring your body is kept in an alkaline state. Illnesses, from acute diseases like the common cold, all the way through to chronic diseases such as cancer, thrive in an acidic environment, particularly below 6.4. The simplest way to increase your alkalinity is to consume water like Curo, which has an pH level of 8.1. And before you ask ‘how do I know if i’m alkaline or acidic?’ – we recommend you take a litmus (pH) test each morning upon rising, to assess what’s happening deep inside (buy it from the local pharmacy). It will indicate your pH level, which gives you clues about how healthy you really are.

The final element in avoiding that pesky cold is to keep your body rested – this again will allow your immune system to work at its peak. This wonderful element of the body will recognise any foreign substance that enters your temple (oh hello bacteria strain 223526 aka the common cold, you’re not welcome here….) and sends over defence mechanisms such as mucus, inflammation and swelling to the spot of infection, trapping it before it can multiply and overrun us. Our bodies are clever little things, but they need to be treated well – and ensuring you have sufficient sleep is critical.

Clearly, having quality, alkaline water is the first step to your best health. And lucky for you, Curo has you covered here.

For more helpful hints, stay tuned for Curo’s Guide To Vibrant Health. If you have any questions relating to this article, we welcome comments either on this article, or privately to [email protected]

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