Feeling Alkaline vs Feeling Acidic

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Alkalinity, acidity and disease have a very strong relationship, which is why we are so passionate about the fact that here at Curo, our water is alkaline – in fact, with a pH of 8.19, it is one of the most alkaline of any water available. 

Bacteria, fungus, viruses and pathogens simply an love acidic environment: it’s fertile ground for their development, and there is a lack of oxygen and alkaline minerals to flush them out: so they grow, thrive and take over. About this time you feel a tickle in your throat, a fogginess in your mind, a headache or two and like you need an injection of caffeine on the hour, each hour to function normally. Rather than fight against these symptoms by using drugs to mask the pain which often have harmful side effects, or stimulants to artificially enhance our energy, we need to address the root of the problem, not simply cover it up.

On the other hand, alkalinity is related to feeling, in a nutshell, quite amazing: ever noticed a tingle in your body after a wheatgrass shot or green juice? That’s not you having a raw greens trip; that’s a combination of your blood being alkalised, the delivery of a burst of minerals to your cells, and of course, hydration. What this does is cleanse our insides, remove any lingering toxins from last night’s wine (or three) and naturally boost our body – providing them strength to fight away any pesky bugs, energise your muscles, optimise the functioning of your digestion & other systems and provide clarity in your mind.

Here at Curo, we want you to feel as incredible as you can, so you can live the life you want: one full of energy, free from illness and with a clear mental state. We are so happy that in you drinking our water, we know that we are delivering exactly this.

Enjoy the benefits.



Olivia xoxo.

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