Fitness Expert Interview: Elise Carver aka Little Bantam

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Introducing Elise aka Little Bantam, surf instructor who of course understands the value of water! She’s been doing heaps both online and in the waves, and we are thankful to share a moment of her precious time..


Elise, whats your philosophy on fitness? I believe fitness should be all about balance, strength and harmony. You should be as strong as you are flexible, your body should be adaptable and quick. And above all your training should be sustainable! Look at training for the long term not the right now!

How does nutrition and hydration come into this? Staying hydrated is one of the most important things for keeping your body balanced. It aids recovery and relieves muscle fatigue not to mention AIDS in a productive metabolism. When it comes to your eating habits, again I believe it’s about balance. Enjoy those little treats but make those little treats the healthy kind, choosing the lesser of so many evils out there! I avoid breads, pastas, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Lots of fruit and veg with plenty of colour!

What have you noticed when you’re fully hydrated by Curo? I’m full of energy! When you are properly hydrated this improved attention levels by up to 20% – that’s massive!

and finally… what should we look out for coming up for you ? I‘m currently going through the testing phase of a new SST meal plan with recipes and a possible recipe book. PLUS there is always plenty of new material on Surf Style Training

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