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synchronicity and flow

I’m walking down Marrickville Road in Sydney’s inner west and as I walked into the Salvation Army to drop off some old clothes a lady shows me a policemen’s hat that she was going to donate to the Salvo, but she asked me if I wanted it. I said to the lady jokingly; “Do I look like a sergeant, actually I auditioned for a commercial last week as a policeman.” She said; “there you go, I could see you chasing criminals ha ha.” I smiled accepting the hat and dropped my bag behind the counter and said thank you as I headed back up the road. Less than 5 minutes later l received a callback for that commercial I auditioned for and I needed a sergeants hat to play a police commissioner. I knew a place nearby that rented specialty costumes and things but they only opened on Wednesday and my call back was the next day, Tuesday. Having just purchased my hat from the lady it didn’t matter, I was set. I went to my call back so happy I bought the hat and was confirmed for the commercial the next morning.

The term ‘synchronicity’ was coined by the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung for the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no dissemble casual connection.

I believe when we experience synchronicity we are in flow, a zone of powerful alignment with source, higher consciousness, God or the force that creates worlds. We are in grace, effortless and present with waking mindfulness. Had I not been in the flow I probably would have politely rejected the lady’s offer to give me the hat. But so on point was I in that moment that it was as if the universe was conspiring on my behalf with exquisite precision.

There seems to be a carefree playfulness that invites synchronicity In an instant. Suddenly a trickster appears that shifts the course of life movement in ways that put us at one with a deeper purpose in relation with the events and situations we experience. As we notice synchronicity in our lives there is a very powerful invitation contained within it to give up trying to control events, predict outcomes and micro manage the yet unmanifested.

So the question arises, what can we do to be in alignment with source so that synchronicity is a friend that visits us more frequently? Well for me, this playful carefreeness is potent and paramount. Meditation is also terrific at laying the ground work for synchronistic twists in our day. The Dynamic Duo’ of Meditation and ‘Carefree Playfulness’ will absolutely increase the synchronicity in your life, guaranteed. Meditation allows us to move through our lives with greater presence and grace and this facilitates a calmer energy to lessen the grip on shaping results and outcomes. We laugh more give more and feel great for no reason other than we are alive.

Synchronicities are the evidence that hidden forces armed with infinite unseen hands are always working behind the scenes on behalf of our highest good and purposeful success, however we are rarely in tune and tapped into this omnipresent omnipotent field which truly allows us as part of it creation to fulfil our birthright co creators of our lives.

About Wayne McDaniel

Originally from SanFrancisco Wayne McDaniel is a multiple Australian National Basketball League All Star Player. Mac, is The 3rd Highest Points Scorer in League History and was voted One Of The 25 Greatest Players ever to play in Australia. Retiring in 1996 Mac is now an Actor/VoiceArtist and Inspirational Speaker who also has his own basketball coaching business based in Sydney. He has appeared in movies such as SuperMan Returns, Terra Nova, Son of Mask,Terminus and The Sapphires. He has also voiced for major T.V. Commercials such as SteinLarger, Glaseau Vitamin Water and The 2015 Rugby World Cup Campaign. Currently, Wayne has two featured T.V. Commercials in America. Passionate about mind/body health, he's been an avid meditator since 1986. His meditation practice has grown into a keen interest for breathing and visualisation techniques and the power of directing thoughts and feelings for lasting change and personal growth.

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