Our Water

best bottled water in australia

The Source

The secret to the purity of our water is the source. Curo is a naturally occurring alkaline water, bottled at the source 1,300m (over 4,200ft) above sea level in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

Our water originates in this pristine wilderness where the air is crisp and full of the natural scent of eucalypt. Kangaroos roam free and there is no human habitation for miles around.

100% Naturally Alkaline

We bring this rare miracle water to you by bottling straight at the source. We don’t add synthetic chemicals or process through electrolysis to ensure the water we bring you is as pure as Mother Nature intended.

Curo is naturally alkaline due to its rich alkaline forming minerals that neutralise toxins and flush them away leaving you feeling light and full of energy.
our water is sourced from pristine valleys in the Blue Mountains

Rich in healthy minerals

Good nutrition is about getting adequate minerals in your diet. Curo makes it easy with its rich mineral content of silica, calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium giving you what you need to be healthy every day.

Soft smooth taste

This perfect balance of minerals makes Curo the best tasting water you’ve ever tried. The smooth taste of Curo leaves you feeling hydrated and refreshed. But don’t take our word for it, you’ve got to try it for yourself!