Curo Alkaline Water 1.5L x 9 Bottles


  • Cleansing – helps neutralise toxins and eliminate those nasties
  • Nourishing – rich in healthy minerals your body needs
  • Natural – Unlike many alkaline water brands, Curo completely natural
  • Delicious – Curo lovers have been known to travel far just to taste another drop!
  • Healthy hydration from just $3.50 per bottle with FREE delivery
Dr Jeremy Cumpston Ageless ClinicsAs a father of four children and general practitioner with over 20 years experience and interest in anti-ageing/preventative health I have personally seen the health benefits of alkalinisation of diet on myself, my family and my many patients. Curo supports an alkaline diet and the fact that it is the most alkaline of waters in the world, is sourced naturally here in Australia and tastes delicious are three reasons why it deserves to be the leading “healthy water” product in the world. I kind of hope it doesn’t happen too quickly…I might not be able to get my supply!
Dr. Jeremy Cumpston

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9 x Curo Alkaline Water 1.5L bottles

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 30 cm


Curo Alkaline Water is your first step to a healthier lifestyle.
Let our soft, smooth alkaline water work its magic, cleansing your insides and nourishing cells. Curo is your every day source of goodness to stay healthy, balanced and refreshed.

What is alkaline water?

Any water can be tested for its alkalinity/acidity on a pH scale. It’s measured between 0 and 14, where 7.0 is neutral. Anything under is acidic and over is alkaline or base.

What makes water alkaline?

Alkaline water can be natural or artificial. Natural alkaline waters tend be rich in alkaline minerals such as calcium and bicarbonate. These minerals come from rocks the water passes through over many many years.

Water can also be made alkaline through an ioniser machine. This is essentially tap water made alkaline through a process called electrolysis.

Why is Curo so special?

  • Natural – Unlike many artificial alkaline water brands, Curo is completely natural.
  • Alkalising – Curo is rich in alkaline minerals that help buffer the acidity in your body. This has a cleansing effect, leaving you feeling lighter and full of energy.
  • Tastes delicious – Curo has a soft, smooth texture that’s seriously addictive!


  • Cleansing – Don’t let that acidic gunk accumulate! Let Curo neutralise the acidic waste and eliminate it from your body.
  • Nourishing – Curo is rich in alkaline minerals to nourish your cells and give them zing!
  • Recovery – Curo naturally contains electrolytes to help you recover faster.
  • Immune system – Research shows your immune system works best in an alkaline environment.
  • Look good – Curo is rich in silica to help you maintain silky smooth skin, hair and strong nails.
  • Revitalise – Restore focus and balance through effective hydration.



Imagine the scent of eucalyptus in the air as you stare at miles of untouched valleys on the horizon. A place where kangaroos roam wild and platypus swim freely in the river. This is the pristine environment where Curo is sourced.

Our water is pumped up from underground caverns in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Here it flows through limestone rocks to collect a unique balance of alkaline minerals that are so healthy for you.

Straight from Mother Nature to you, we share this amazing water in its natural form. No machines or added synthetic minerals. We simply bottle pure, perfect alkaline water for your health and enjoyment.