Quality Report


Curo Alkaline Water consists of a unique mineral composition to give you a soft, smooth taste and high alkalinity for good health.

Typical analysis (mg/L):

Bicarbonate 200-224
Calcium 59-62
Silica 19-26
Magnesium 10-12
Sodium 6-8
Chloride 3-6
Potassium <1
pH 8.0-8.35

As a natural product, these values may vary depending on the time of year when the water was collected.

To view our full water analysis please see the report below.

Lab test report

HACCP certifiedA world-class quality water calls for world-class standards. That’s why Curo is bottled in a HACCP certified facility. HACCP is an internationally recognised food safety accreditation that ensures you’re getting safe, clean water.

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For more information, please read our Quality Statement.